The Adrian Paul website has always been an information zone for fans and business people alike. With the advent of new forums it has been decided that AP.net will now concentrate on the business aspects of Adrian's life.

With that in mind, sections such as the "Ask Adrian section" will move over to Facebook with immediate effect. Any questions to Adrian can be sent to facebook@adrianpaul.net and once Adrian has answered them they will be released on Adrian's official Facebook page.....


Ask Adrian moves to facebook


A short interview with an Italian journalist whilst in Sardinia considering locations for the forthcoming "Basile's Legacy" CLICK HERE to read the interview.

For those that require a translation, CLICK HERE to visit the Adrian Paul message board where Angela (Ghirx) has kindly done this.


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Filming in Bulgaria

Adrian has just returned from Bulgaria where he took advantage of business opportunities to spend a few days working on a small independent film in which he plays Jack Unger, the head of the Government Investment Unit (GIU) responsible to the president of the USA on matters of national security.

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Ask Adrian returns

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PEACE needs your help
Christmas message 2009
message to fans

Recently we have been made aware of a set of photographs of Adrian that were released on a website. Although we try to bring you the first information on any new project Adrian maybe be part of, there are times when material is unexpectedly released on the internet and therefore we have no control over it.

Much like the piracy of a film, photographs turn up in unexpected places, sometimes material is taken from one site and placed onto another or movies are released illegally as a torrent download, all of which can cause a lot of work and planning to be wasted.

Please be aware that any material that appears on any other website without first appearing on adrianpaul.net or in the way of merchandising/giveaways/or in magazines is most likely material that was not intended to be released and so would in no way be sanctioned by Adrian Paul or his  management team.

Adrian and Budino


We are delighted to be able to launch 'Adrian's Baby Blog'.

The intention is to give Adrian the opportunity to jot down his thoughts and feelings as each new day brings fresh challenges before, during and after the arrival!

The blog is very much a diary as opposed to an 'interactive' blog as the forum is there for discussion,

for the first entry

It's going to be a girl! Baby gifts Baby gifts
Whilst Adrian & Alexandra have received so many lovely messages of congratulations on their forthcoming arrival which,
in itself, is gift enough, they have also received many messages with regards to the giving of gifts.

They have decided to give fans access to their baby gift registries, that contain lists of goodies of all shapes, sizes and price ranges, that they or baby might need.

If you would like to consider giving a gift, click on either of the two links below and select the GIFT REGISTRY. You will be prompted to enter a password which is the name of the proud ‘mum to be’ Alexandra Tonelli.


And when you've had a look, why not pop over to the FORUM and keep up to date with all the chat!

Click here for The PEACE Fund blog
Adrian Paul in Cannes and Monaco
. The adrianpaul.net message board
Raising money for PEACE is a popular topic on Adrian's forum and on this occasion an idea, plus a significant amount of determination and team effort, resulted in over $5,300 being raised. Adrian has issued a special message of thanks to forum members as in his words "they have raised a significant amount of money with an idea that encompasses everything the Peace fund stands for". This donation will make a significant difference to one of The PEACE Fund's recipients.

CLICK HERE to visit the forum for Adrian's message.

CLICK HERE to visit the PEACE Fund web site

Moments in film competition results

Firstly, a big THANK-YOU' to all of you who submitted your entries for the recent adrianpaul.net ‘Moments in Film’ competition.
The entries were judged by Adrian himself and the finalists chosen on the basis that they showcased a range of performances throughout his career. There were so many good entries, with so much variety, that it took  a while to narrow the winners down.
As advised in the competition information, the winning entries will form the basis of a reel to be cut together for Adrian Paul fans to be presented on the adrianpaul.net website over the coming months. If your entry wasn't chosen don't be disappointed as some of your suggestions may still be included on the reel.

And now for the moment

first prize
The 1st Prize of a 15 minute telephone call with Adrian, PLUS a personally signed image from Adrian’s own personal collection goes to MIKA ELIZONDO

runners up
The two runners up who also win a personally signed image from Adrian’s own personal collection are SANDRA KNIGHT and BARBARA SINNETT
That only leaves us to say a big THANK YOU again to all who entered.
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At present, the shooting schedule for 'Magic Boys' is uncertain and therefore the beginning of filming has been delayed.  

Given this change, adrianpaul.net can now confirm that Adrian will not be participating in the film.

War of the Worlds signing at Comic Con
War of the Worlds signing at the Comic Con
Magic Boys to commence filming in August
Click here for a letter from Adrian about Michael Jackson
Win a copy of Love and Hate
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Images for future signing
Recently it has come to our notice that certain photos taken by Karoly Ujfalusi have been posted on a website for high quality download. The author of a site endorsing this has done so at their own discretion and is in no way endorsed by Adrian Paul or adrianpaul.net.  Perhaps this was done innocently or out of eagerness but no matter what the intent, it has resulted in those photos, that were to be offered to Adrian Paul fans in the not too distant future, being scrapped. Anyone who has downloaded these photos in the intent of printing them and  presenting them to Adrian to sign will be politely refused.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Kights of Malta Ball
Adrian at HLWW9 Adrian at HLWW9
Four legged heroes Four legged heroes
Eyeborgs to screen at HLWW9 convention Click here for more information on HLWW9
Highlander CD's to be released Highlander CD's to be released

Click here to view Adrian's ski album

Click here for Eyeborgs and the new trailer

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New merchandise launched

"I am pleased to announce the launch of the new range of merchandise for the PEACE Fund. Please take a look and maybe buy some Xmas items – after all, there is no better time of year to celebrate and remember PEACE on earth."

Adrian Paul

'Ask Adrian
CLICK HERE for the latest 'Ask Adrian' questions including his candid views on the forthcoming US Presidential Election.

new merchandise launch


 New range of merchandise launched

adrianpaul.net store
opens for business.

It's finally here! CLICK HERE for the new range of merchandise from adrianpaul.net and then...

CLICK HERE for a chance to purchase some 'old favourites'
and then...

CLICK HERE for a few 'freebies' ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!


A personla message from Adrian



'Behind the Scenes' on 9MD and more on the new merchandise range due for launch in July.

Nine Miles Down


More information and some
'behind the scenes' images coming soon.

limited edition image
We've managed to persuade
Adrian to share a few photographs from his recent birthday celebrations, which we've popped into an album just for you.

CLICK HERE to view

and in addition
A personal message from Adrian

Adrian's birthday celebrations

limited edition image
We are pleased to advise that all of the images have been signed and are now on their way, unless our merchandise team have contacted you for any additional information.

If your order was an international one please allow a few days for this to arrive.


9MD ends

Adrian has now completed filming on Nine Miles down in Tunisia. The next few days see him head over to Madrid for the Annual Madrid Film Festival which runs from March 28th until April 4th.

Nine Miles Down

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Forever Highlander
Starlog correspondent Bill Florence recently interviewed Adrian for a feature story which will appear in STARLOG Magazine. The story will run in STARLOG issue number 365. Look for it at major US booksellers in late March as the issue officially goes on sale April 1st.

Coming soon

New merchandise range

2008 will see the expansion of the adrianpaul.net web site to include a new range of merchandise for all budgets and tastes including some unique items.

The first items to become available will be the item we have had most requests for - PHOTOGRAPHS.

Photographs offered for sale will be taken from professional photo shoots. In addition, we will be offering a special 'featured' image which will be a limited edition print signed by Adrian himself.

And in addition

We will also be introducing 'download' of the month. This is your chance to download a good quality image taken from past/or present work.

To start, we offer you a photograph we are sure you will like from Adrian's own personal collection taken on the set of Endgame.


Adrian Paul in Endgame

Dear All,

Well, another year gone by and I didn't even feel it. How about you? Time flying? Must mean you were having fun. I did. This year was a great one for me. Made some new friends, had a lot of fun working on the projects that I did and traveled to so many different places. Now I am looking forward to an even better year next year.

What did I learn? I think everything went better the more positive I became and the more I surrounded myself with good people. I realized that when I had negative thoughts the good ones I wanted wouldn't happen. When I started thinking about the positive things I wanted (not necessarily material ones) I found my life was happier. Was it positive action or just coincidence? I don't know, but I do know that it was a better way to live my life. So this coming year I'm going to try harder to live it with positive thoughts and deeds.

To all of you I know and to those of you I don't, here's wishing you success and happiness. May your God be with you, bless you and grant you all the things you deserve.

Happy Holidays,
Adrian Paul signature

We would like to send a sincere thank you to all of you who visited our Ebay sale and who purchased items. It is always interesting to see which items attract the most interest and, clearly, it seems that there can never be too many pictures of Adrian! We will shortly be launching new merchandise, including new pictures - so keep watching this space.
E-bay auction


New images and clips added to Eyeborgs

Eyeborgs has been
updated with some new images and clips
more to come soon...


Captain Drake

Captain Drake added to movie list

'Captain Drake' has now
been added to the web site
movie database.


More details, images
and information
to follow shortly.

Working out on the Black Sea
AP Black Sea

Greetings from New York
The SOurce interview


CLICK HERE for a short interview on Sci-Fi WIRE with Adrian on ‘Highlander: The Source’


In addition to the interview on ‘Highlander: The Source’ also keep an eye out for a few words on ‘Wraiths of Roanoke’ (Lost Colony) which is due to air on Sci-Fi Channel on October 13th.

Introducing Judes
With Jenni’s departure there will be only a slight change to our structure. The forum will continue to be run by Victoria, the website by Sue Viney and “Ask Adrian“ questions will now be directed to Judith Smith (Judes - pictured right) who many of you will already know.
Judes and AP
There will no longer be a Fanzone President.

Update on the Heavy

In an East London building that used to be BethnalGreen Town Hall, Christian Mason's expansive office was set up in one of the now-unused rooms. It was an all-day affair with a couple of key scenes shot for the upcoming film The Heavy. Although it does look like Adrian is preening in front of the mirror, the shot was set up as a scene where Christian is preparing himself for a big speech he is about to give. Or maybe he was preening. We'll just have to wait 'til the movie is out to find out.

Christian Mason

INSIDER INFO.... Further along the same hallway, another room was used for the now-iconic cult film Lock Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels. Hopefully this film will get that type of status too.


Fan photo gallery

From Glenfinnan, to Budapest, to London, to Los Angeles - you never know where you'll find him...or a fan with a camera ready to hand off for a quick snapshot. CLICK HERE for the latest selection.

If you have a photo (no matter how old) of yourself with Adrian that you would like to share, send it to the webmaster@adrianpaul.net. We'll be rotating new photos into the slide show periodically - one of them could be yours!


Ap birthday cake

The Heavy is a really cool film. It is a type of role I haven't played in a long time, and it has been great to come to set and work in England again. From all reports, the scenes have been going very well, and the producers and director are very happy with everything that is being shot. Personally, I have had a good time working at a pace that allows exploration of a role.

All the cast are very cool, and the crew are easy to work with. In fact, today was a day in Greenwich shooting the very last scene of the movie. It was a beautiful day, although I did a lot of waiting around at the beginning. So I wandered around and saw nearby the scaffolding erected around the Cutty Sark after the tragic fire that gutted it a week ago.

Gary Stretch and I play brothers at odds with each other. I can't tell you the story, but we come at life from very different perspectives, even though we come from the same family. The funny thing is, I usually play the role Gary is playing, so it is fun to come at things from a different angle.

Marcus Warren, the director, is very clear as to what he wants. Although this is his first directing job, he is calm and yet open to adding or deleting things at a moment's notice. We have done some interesting development of the characters along the way. I think he is going to do very well.

All in all, I am very excited about this film.

Grand Slam

We promised we'd keep you up to date and you can't get much more up to date than this!

Here's a snap taken just a few hours ago at the Grand Slam  XV Sci-Fi Summit at the Burbank Airport Marriott where Adrian is currently appearing.

More to come....

Grand Slam
Ap birthday cake Happy Birthday

So what did Adrian do for his birthday? Not a lot. He shared the day with his niece and nephew in London. It was his nephew's birthday a few days earlier,  so a joint birthday cake was obviously on the menu. The main event occurred that evening when, after a great dinner with Alex and his mother, Adrian was presented with a cake. (Of course his mother baked him a chocolate one.) Adrian said it was really good but waaaay too fattening!

Happy Christmas


It's not only cars that can be
recalled by their maker.

Click here for more information
Personal appearances

We will always endeavour to keep you informed of Adrian’s forthcoming personal appearances. However, please bear in mind that whilst at the time of posting, Adrian has confirmed his enthusiasm and commitment to participate, his appearance will always be subject to other professional commitments.


Impact Magazine June 2008
June 2008 sees an interview with Adrian as he chats about the making
of The Heavy.

CLICK HERE for more information

College professor

At Rice University, there were four sophomores taking chemistry and all of them had an 'A' so far. These four friends were so confident, that the weekend before finals, they decided to visit some friends and have a big party. They had a great time, but after all the hearty partying, they slept all day Sunday and didn't make it back to Rice until early Monday morning!

Rather than taking the final then, they decided that after the final they would explain to their professor why they missed it. They said that they visited friends but on the way back they had had a flat tire. As a result, they missed the final. Since they were four of his better students, the professor agreed to let them make up the final the next day. The guys were excited and relieved, and they
studied very hard that night for the exam.

The next day the Professor placed each of them in a separate room, and gave them a test booklet. They quickly answered the first problem worth 5 points. Cool, they thought! Each one in separate rooms, thinking this was going to be easy ..... then they turned the page!

On the second page was written......

For 95 points: 'Which tire?'

Lost Colony now available on DVD

Ap Rome

Happy Holidays

Ap in Vancouver

Things just change
Things just change

Ask Adrian

Hello! My name is Judes and I have the very great pleasure of taking over the Ask Adrian section of the Fanzone from the inimitable Jenni.

I've already discovered what a curious lot you are and will be working with Adrian to get the answers to your questions as quickly as his busy schedule allows. So get pondering and send in your questions.

to read the latest questions
and answers - posted 03/05/08

CLICK HERE to send us your
question so we can see what kind of answer Adrian might have for YOU.

The Source to air on Sci-Fi
Highlander Worldwide Fan Club

Peter Davis has confirmed to HLWW, The Official Highlander Fan Club, that 'Highlander: The Source' is set to air on the Sci-Fi channel.

Click on the logo above to transfer to their website for this and all things Highlander related, including details of Adrian's forthcoming appearanace at their Vancouver Convention in October.

Speak your mind


Budino's web page


Why not pay me a visit and view my latest photo gallery and maybe even leave me a bone? I'll try very hard to answer your messages, if I can get my paws on that laptop

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